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Quinoa and Roasted Chickpea bowl with Creamy Red Pepper Sauce!

Hello friends! I am finally writing these recipes down! I know many of you have asked for the recipe for this yummy bowl! So finally! Here it is :) Remember to be creative with this recipe, you can change the greens or use rice instead of quinoa! Cooking is an art, so be free! Love you all! XO

Quinoa ~ One cup of quinoa and 2 cups of water :) You can rinse your quinoa if you would like!
Chickpeas ~ 
1 1/2CupsCooked Chickpeas Drizzle Olive Oil1/2TspSalt1/2TspSmoked Paprika1TspChili Powder1/8TspTurmeric1/2TspOregano                    
Red Pepper Sauce ~
1 tbs of nutritional Yeast (optional, try it w/out first! Not everyone likes the cheesy taste! But I adore it!)1Red Bell Pepper2TbsOlive OilJuice from 1 Lemon1/2TspPepper1/2TspSalt1/2TspPaprika1/4CupFresh CilantroI also added 1/8 cup of soaked cashews to make it creamy! You can also add coconut milk or any unsweetened dairy free milk! Just add until you like the creaminess! Or leave out completely! It's delicious without…